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Creating change requires involvement. By serving as a respected leader in our industry’s evolution, Associa has a significant effect on community and association management. Our expert team keeps track of ever-changing governmental regulations, state and national laws, and standards that impact the professionalism of the services we provide to our clients.

In fact, to make a measurable difference we established the Associa PAC to lobby for the issues that strongly influence new laws and regulations.

Associa PAC provides our employees with the opportunity to support political and educational campaigns that affect community management in a positive manner throughout the United States. The PAC educates our community managers about the legislative affairs, public policy and political concerns of this dynamic industry. It also gives us a unified voice with which to impact key decisions that are made at both the state and federal levels.

As the industry leader, we are our clients' advocate and their fortified voice to the government, the association residents, and the public at large. It is our privilege to represent them, whether we are in their neighborhood or representing them on Capitol Hill.

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